Building Collapse: CORBON Partners BIM, AUTODESK to digitise housing construction

In a bid to restore sanity to the built environment, the Council of Registered Builders of Nigeria, CORBON, has concluded plans to digitise housing construction with a view to checkmating the incessant incidents of building collapse in the country.

To this end, the body consisting of seven professionals in the industry announced it has opened up a window of collaborating with AUTODESK and BIM Africa to build capacity of builders to be BIM-ready

“Autodesk is a technology that makes software for people who operate across sectors such as manufacturing, architecture, building, construction, media, and entertainment, and it gives you the power to make anything. “While BIM- the Building Information Modelling gives you more detailed information about projects and for you to know whether you are going to have problem during execution, it generates a project as far as five dimensions. And with that, all stakeholders will be able to collaborate within the common data environment”, Kabir Bala, CORBON Chairman, said. Disclosing this at the induction ceremony of 258 new practitioners into building profession recently, Bala described the collaboration as historic in the history of housing construction in Nigeria.

According to him, “Today, we will be admitting 258 new practitioners into this prestigious profession. I believe a special congratulation to all the inductees is in order. This is my sixth year as the Chairman of CORBON, and each year, we congregate to celebrate the heart-warming decision of trained builders’ to take up the Council’s instruments that legitimise the Building Technology practice in all aspects and ramifications in Nigeria. “I consider this year’s induction as unique because of the record number of inductees and is the first set of inductees to be exposed to the ‘future of construction’ – the Building Information Modelling. “CORBON is collaborating with AUTODESK and BIM Africa to build capacity of builders to be BIM-ready. The decision of the Council to commit to these opportunities is deliberate. “It is intended for setting a high standard for professional services in the built environment. Thus, I wish to state here that CORBON and builders are disposed to collaborations with other stakeholders for better project quality, faster project delivery, reduced wastages, reduced construction costs, etc. “I enjoin you, my dear inductees not to sit back and rely on your current ability but to work tirelessly in acquiring new knowledge and skills that the fourth industrial revolution will demand. CORBON, as a regulatory body has the primary responsibility of registering and licensing personnel that can practice the profession and all registered builders are required to adhere to the minimum building production management standards. “The practice instrument inductees are receiving today symbolises the minimum standards of practice and code of professional conduct. Council is resetting professional standards to address the challenge of substandard building works.” In his address, the Registrar of CORBON, Bldr. Peter Kuroshi, charged the newly inductees to abide by the rules and regulation guiding the practice. Kuroshi charged further that, “The certificate, practice license, seal and stamp given to you are the properties of the Council, which can be withdrawn when misused. “My charge as the Registrar is part of the drill to remind all inductees of the standards of professional excellence you are expected to uphold as members of a prestigious profession – the building profession. “I always tell inductees that the choice to be a builder is not in any way a mistake. There will be challenges in the course of practice, but the future holds rewards for patience and diligence work. “I urge you all to go out there to render optimal professional services and be role models for other prospective builders. “Kindly note you will also be required to earn some CPD points for renewal of the license “In the built environment, when you acknowledge the title builder, you will gain recognition and respect. But if you take up a different professional title, you are accepting being an impostor and a quack.


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