Opportunity is a race in today’s real estate market

Upon the setting of a bear market, much anticipation and pessimism are revealed… however, without such, rise cannot prevail. Can we remember that what goes up must come down, meanwhile nothing stays the same? The angst dominating the real estate sector of Nigeria is not new, but since when did that deter the climb? A smart investor is a relentless visionary… coordinating the axis to invest in prime areas. Prices are slashing in the most luxurious of projects, while some are checking out, meanwhile perceptive buyers know that it’s a matter of short time to embrace and yield. Now is the time to hold for your return on investment, or purchase and quantify returns.

Either way, real estate does not falter… it soars against adversity and in its worst, breaks even in value. Learn to play the field and not fear it… there’s no way but up. Nigerians do and want to return home, and always tune in to the possibilities, it is up to our collective effort and professional know-how to administer methods of practice that identify a healthy platform and initiate a conducive forefront against the odds. Medium-term seems to be the rhythm judging against the historical scenes of the country in the 80’s causing a stagflation that sent many backpacking.

Nigerians haven’t forgotten their history and the result is a real estate market in PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Let’s remember once again, the pandemic has altered the global panorama, and a drop does not signify an end-all to-all, but rather a loud opportunity to invite a thump in barriers to market entry (though may currently seem indirect) whilst shifting stagnation and repetitive methodologies of complicated business. It is unequivocally insane, doing the same things and expecting different results.

The world is going through its teenage rebellion, and Nigeria is no exception. Professionals are tested to perform on different scales, push boundaries, and shape a new future with or without the previously perceived backdrop of dependency. Though costs have gone haywire thanks to the exchange, first grade developers have become attuned to broader possibilities and more available to roll in unison with their client base, to achieve fair transactions and long-term considerations.

On the other side of the spectrum, never has Lagos witnessed the amount of meticulous developments that we are experiencing in regions like Victoria Island and Eko Atlantic, while on-going in Ikoyi and Banana Island. Developers understand that discerning buyers are probing to be impressed with comfort and security at the pinnacle, notwithstanding the due diligence on all parties involved. The headaches of power outage, sewage systems, and general civilized amenities are reflected thoroughly from inception at the drawing room. Concierge services have become a rising trend spoiling clients daily, and smart homes are expected when spending mid to top grand.

Commercial property has already begun climbing after Covid’s slump while landlords are open to teaming up with ambitious projects and assigning the task force that regulates the process for assurance and quality control. Reaching out to developers and their exclusive representatives can save you the predicament of possibilities and arm you with the knowledge that advertisements alone cannot reveal.

Naira’s volatility has exerted professional agents to creatively administer financial solutions ensuring stable returns hence solidify positioning. Maintain faith in a craft that has globally created wealth since the beginning of time amidst eras of depression, and locally and recently began rising in standards and technology.

Credit: The Guardian(27/09/2021)

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