Factors to Consider When Searching for a Property

Selecting a house either to buy or rent could be very tasking. Although you might rely on a real estate agent to show you around various properties. The house buying or renting process is still incomplete until you have decided on what type, specification, location or design of your dream house. The question here is: what do you want in a house? The following tips will guide you in answering the above question which will make the home buying or renting process easier for you and your agent alike. So, grab a pen and paper as we unravel the important factors to consider when searching for a property.


List your dream house specification

Ask yourself: if you want a single-family home? What physical features best fits my family size? Would I prefer a large home with functional rooms like an office or a study? Would I prefer a small house with two bathrooms? Your answers will assist you to focus your house search into considering houses that are a better fit for your needs.


Pick a location

Your choice of location may be influenced by factors like electricity supply, access to road, security, educational facilities, proximity to work, proximity hospitals and many more factors. Location is a very important factor which you need to decide on, having in mind that Nigeria is a classed society; you should consider the various class distributions before you make a choice of your neighbourhood. However, depending on who you are, you might most likely consider how close it is to access your preferred recreational activities.


Make a realistic budget

Many times, it is important to consider the value of the house in question; it should be equal to your purchasing power. However, drawing a budget gives a clearer view of how best an agent can help you. This determines what choices an agent presents to you which later results in you selecting your ideal home.



Ensure that all facilities are in proper working condition. You can take a friend along so as to get an objective opinion of the inspected house. You must make sure you can see yourself living in the house.



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