How To Prepare Your Home For The Rainy Season In Nigeria

In Nigeria, we have the dry season characterized by harmattan and the rainy season characterized by heavy rainfall. The rainy season in Nigeria usually runs from April through October every year. It is quite advisable to prepare your home for the rainy season so as not to suffer flood, insects like mosquitoes or destruction of household materials. It is better to be safe than sorry. Below are helpful tips to help you prepare your home for the rainy season in Nigeria.

Clean Drainages Around The House

When your drainages are blocked with waste it becomes prone to erosion as the flow of water becomes obstructed. Hence, this stagnant water serves as home for mosquitoes to hatch their eggs hereby leading to malaria. Also, the value of your home drops when your environment isn’t in top shape. Many home buyers will not be eager to buy a house with a blocked drainage system.

It is advised to take out time to clean your drainage around your home. The important point is ensuring that the drainages are not blocked with nylon, sand or plastic bottles.

Do not clear your drainage and leave the dirt by the side of the drainage as the rainfall will push back the dirt into the drainage. Sweep away stagnant water in order to prevent mosquitoes from making your environment their egg hatching pool.

Fix Leaking Roof

A leaking roof is a ticking time bomb as it will let in rainwater during the rainy season in your house. Get a professional to check out your roof before the rainy season and. In essence, ensure your roof is checked for holes, cracks, and leaks.

Check For Wall Cracks and Damps

If you notice any cracks or holes in your walls, try and get a professional to get the wall fixed as rainwater will enter the cracked wall which will result in the dampness of the wall.

Check Electrical Cables

Ensure you check out all electrical wires and cables in the house and make sure that you do not have any naked wire or cables lying on the floor of your house. Exposed wires are very dangerous which could lead to electrocution especially when it comes in contact with rainwater.


Fix Bad Doors And Windows

Ensure you check out your doors and windows. Check the hinges of the doors and windows are intact and in good condition. If you find out the doors or windows are not in good condition ensure you call a professional to fix it.

If what you have at home are wooden doors, you should protect them. Painting your wooden door and windows prevents them from absorbing moisture or rainwater.

Do you believe your house is ready for the rainy season?  Kindly share any other helpful tips with other readers.

Source: Property pro 24/04/2021




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