Software Consulting


Software Consulting

We partner with some of the best cloud computing solutions providers to deliver unparalleled support for our clients. We serve as local support for Vend Hq and Shopify and we’re able to support clients through scoping their needs, software setup and installation through to customer support.

Businesses Managed

Vend POS is a point of sale solution used by retailers of all types and sizes to manage sales, customers, rewards, inventory and more for a low monthly subscription.

Vend is designed to work with the hardware and equipment already in place, including receipt printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers and the like. All you need to run the software is a Web browser on any device (Mac, PC, iPad or Android). The iPad POS app is available from Apple’s App Store. While the software is Web-based, it will continue to operate if the Internet connection goes down; data automatically syncs as soon as the system reconnects.

Shopify is a leading online shop builder – it is currently powering over 300,000 online shops and has helped businesses process over $20 billion worth of sales.

Shopify is a high profile software platform that forms the underpinnings of many ecommerce sites, combining impressive tools and an intuitive interface to enable businesses and individuals to create unique digital storefronts. It offers a holistic approach to site building, enabling users to add products, handle transactions and host their site on a reliable infrastructure. With comprehensive security features, user data and sales can be carried out safely every time.

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